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I honestly felt like the session with Gabriella was life-changing. I felt like my feet were more grounded, I had less pain, my energy was higher (and still is).
I have been more comfortable in my body to get back to doing fun things with my family like swimming. The other day I was running after my daughter, which I haven't been able to do since I was pregnant because of pain.

I am beyond thrilled!


I came to Gabriella with an achy left hip and a stiff and cranky right shoulder.  I could not sleep comfortably on either side for long before something was complaining!  I can now put my right arm straight up, with my upper arm against my ear, which feels like a miracle! 

But even more than having returned to my natural mobility and being out of pain, I now cannot imagine being without hands-on Feldenkrais lessons in my life. The experience of Gabriella’s gentle but certain movements of my body is more relaxing than a really good massage. 

Feldenkrais may not be for everyone, but for those whose sensibilities tend towards trust, and who are open the to possibility that healing can happen with ease and no pain, it - and Gabriella Piccioni - are an answer to your prayers.


Gabriella uses very slow, very gentle movements to "wake up" a body to its original vitality and freedom.  Bad habits, traumas, pain, aging — all of these take a toll on the body's ability to move gracefully, and Gabriella, with great good grace and soft, skillful manipulations puts things right.


I understand the principles, but I don't understand the artistry.  And yet I do know that what Gabriella does works.  A lesson with her is worth about a thousand massages, and about the same number of yoga sessions.  The movements are very slow, but the results seem to come very fast.  I am very grateful for what she has done for me.


When I first started to work with Gabriella, I had just been in an automobile accident and was dealing with a concussion. My symptoms included; seizures, headaches, vertigo, language and writing misfires, tinnitus and slow processing of information.


From my first session, I was surprised by the gentleness of the work. At first, I wondered how something so gentle could make a difference with what I was dealing with. I found the sessions to be very relaxing and in the process recognized that being relaxed contributed to the effectiveness of her work...after several sessions, my gait improved.


I noticed a difference after the first session. I felt more relaxed and I also remember noticing after lessons that I felt like I had just done a yoga session.


I credit my significant recovery from my concussion to the lessons and her work on/with me.




As a concert pianist, I am especially sensitive to subtle inward bodily sensations that translate on a moment to moment basis into sounds. Gabriella's lessons came as revelations. 


At the end of each session there was always an epiphany, notable by its unexpectedness.  I felt like I had a new body, or a body that had reawakened to an earlier state.  Sometimes a certain group of muscles (some of which I did not know I possessed) had entered into a harmony with each other that I had never thought possible.


Gabriella has a wonderful presence that allows me to enter deeply into the lesson.


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