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Work with Children


Your child's brain is

ready to learn now.

Let's get started!


The child is engaged in gentle movements that provide crucial sensory-motor input to their brain.



Helping your child with special needs

  • Improve cognitive and physical functioning

  • Enjoy more independence

  • Move and breathe more easily

  • Transform limitations caused by Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, genetic disorders and undiagnosed developmental delays.


Through skillful touch, a child's brain receives the information

needed for continued physical and cognitive development. Intervention can begin at any age, but the earlier you begin,

the better it is for the child.


The Anat Baniel Method (ABM) of NeuroMovement® (part of the family of the Feldenkrais Method) for children is based on the premise that a child’s brain is almost always available for learning, regardless of the developmental issue or injury. This learning process can benefit children with many unspecified as well as diagnosed issues.

Children can experience dramatic breakthroughs when we

take advantage of the brain's ability to learn and adapt.


Many developmental challenges reflect an interruption in the conversation between the child's brain and the world around it. Often, it's possible to start that conversation by communicating directly with the child's nervous system, primarily through gentle movement and non-verbal kinesthetic experiences.


Through this process, developmental gaps caused by various conditions and traumas are filled in. The brain does not learn through repetition alone, and does not respond positively to being forced. Instead, I engage the child in a gentle movement process that provides the brain with the conditions and information required to attain the different skills and developmental milestones. In this process the child learns the missing elements upon which the skills are built. The child then spontaneously learns to do what he or she couldn’t do before.

Learn more about NeuroMovement

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