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Are you living with pain

or discomfort?

Do you want to improve your physical or athletic performance?

Is *now* finally the *right* time to take care of yourself?

Let's talk and explore

how I can help.

Private Sessions - Adults



In the car on the way home, suddenly something "clicked" and it felt like I just added about a half inch of space between all the joints of my body.  So great, and such a relief.

- Roy D.

In one-on-one lessons, I gently guide your movements and direct your attention so you can identify existing habits and discover how they connect to your pain or difficulty. I'll give you tools to help you sense your movements more clearly, and to change unhelpful patterns. This process enables you to form new patterns of action that can alleviate chronic pain and restore your energy.


Private lessons take place fully clothed, on a table, much like a massage table. Loose or stretchy clothing is best. Sometimes, if lying down is difficult, lessons can take place seated in a chair or even standing. It takes about 45 minutes.


The best results come from a series of lessons. As your awareness increases, so does your ability to reduce discomfort on your own with the tools you've learned. The frequency of lessons decreases.

The first step will be an introductory session in my home office. We'll talk about the challenges you're facing and what kind of help you're looking for. You'll experience the hands-on work and I can give you an assessment of how I can be most helpful for you or your child. Together we'll create a program, including exercises that you can do on your own.

Private Sessions - Children with Special Needs

Lessons with your child take place on a table or on the floor and last 30-40 minutes. Guiding them through movement variations, we will follow a developmental learning process that leads to rapid changes and improvements. Learning in this way enables your child to become stronger, more flexible, more aware, and more prepared to meet life's challenges.

Learn more about work with children

Group Movement Lessons - Adults

Restore your

natural abilities.

Enjoy graceful

posture and balance.

Regain flexibility

and strength.

These are verbally-guided lessons, done individually or in a group. There are hundreds of movement lessons that focus on different functions and movements skills.

The lessons, called Transformational Movement Lessons, are based on lessons created by Moshe Feldenkrais. They were designed to help participants recognize their patterns and expand their options for easier movement. This leads to improvements in balance, strength, flexibility and overall function.

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