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How it works - NeuroMovement


Better Movement for a Better Life

No matter your age or condition, you can learn to improve your well-being and to feel dramatically better. Through gentle, guided movements you can enhance strength, flexibility and balance while overcoming pain and discomfort.

Start any time,

whether you are

healthy, or in

needof help.


Through guided movement, you become aware of how your

habits feel.


Varied movement sequences introduce new patterns and options.


Your nervous system forms improved patterns.


New options replace harmful patterns. You develop new skills.


A lifetime of stress, habits and injury leads to common problems like chronic pain, loss of balance and reduced flexibility. The daily grind can deplete our strength and prematurely diminish our vitality.


These limitations are not inevitable.


Working together, I will guide you through gentle movements that are specifically designed to wake up the connections in your brain that are critical to improving coordination and action.


Because we never lose our ability to learn, I will help you perceive how your habits and patterns can cause pain and discomfort. This enhanced awareness enables you to form new patterns of action to overcome pain or master new skills.

As you expand your options for easier, more pleasurable movement, you regain natural abilities and boost your vitality.


About NeuroMovement


NeuroMovement® was created by Anat Baniel. It is a member of the Feldenkrais Method® family of somatic education that reduces pain and improves functioning by enabling people to discover how better movement leads to pain relief and increased vitality. ABM NeuroMovement® was created by Anat Baniel based on her many years of experience with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and her work with thousands of clients.

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It is a non-invasive, non-medical approach based on the concept

that due to brain plasticity, we are able to learn at any age.

Because this is true, this work can be beneficial for children

as well as adults.

This approach to somatic education is a simple, yet remarkable

way to enhance well being through movement with attention.

A non-invasive, painless method, it relies on our ability to learn and is

fueled by our inherent desire for personal growth and improvement. Through innovative movement exercises we experience ourselves kinesthetically and observe important connections between different parts of our selves. Exploring these relationships awakens the learning process and enables us to regain health, fitness and vitality.


Whether you want to overcome pain or help your child with special needs, I can help you discover a powerful, safe, and painless way to overcome limitations and make a big difference in the way you live your life.


Forming New Neuro-Muscular Patterns (Brain plasticity)


NeuroMovement® improves physical and cognitive functioning by taking advantage of the fact that the brain controls our movement, thoughts and action. Through individual and group lessons, movement exercises provide the brain with the information it requires to improve organization of movement, thought and feelings.

With this approach, a person is seen as an integrated, highly-complex system. Today, much scientific evidence points to the healing power of our unified mind/body. Still, most therapeutic methods today treat the body as distinct from the brain, as if humans were a collection of separate parts. Traditional therapy focuses on fixing injured knees or hips, not on improving the functioning of our overall complex system. When our parts are "fixed" through repetitive exercise or isolated stretching, healing is limited, because underlying issues and damaged connections are not addressed.


Only through re-education of the entire, integrated system can we radically improve and overcome limitations. This happens when we provide information to the brain in its primary language -- movement.


The brilliance of the method is that while it is extremely effective, it is also pleasurable, even invigorating. Learning to do what was considered impossible can fuel personal growth in all areas of life, not just eliminate pain. Knowing that the human brain is incredibly plastic gives us confidence that at whatever age, despite diffilculties, we can still learn and improve.


Learn more about work with children with special-needs

More About Anat Baniel
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Anat trained and taught for many years with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Basing her ideas on his work and on her extensive experience with thousands of clients during her 30 years of practice, she developed her own method. The Anat Baniel Method of NeuroMovement has evolved to include new scientific understanding of how the brain learns through movement with awareness.


Anat has written two books, Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits, and speaks at events worldwide. She has trained hundreds of practitioners in her approach, and her trainings are attended by aspiring and established practitioners from all over the world. She established the Anat Baniel Center in San Rafael, California where professional trainings, workshops, and private sessions are held.

the nine essentials

The Nine Essentials are the core of Anat Baniel's work.


Each of the Nine Essentials is a concrete guide to creating the conditions for  waking up the brain and boosting its learning power. Following these principles allows the brain to creates new connections needed to overcome pain and to reach new levels of physical and cognitive performance. 


MOvement with attention

Bring attention to what you feel as you move. Your brain will start building new neurological connections to help you learn, evolve and transform.



Slow way down to learn new skills and overcome limitations. When you go fast, you can only do waht you already know. Slow stimulates the formation of new patterns.



Introduce variation and playfulness into everything you do. Your brain will get the information it needs to create new possibilities in movements, thoughts and actions



Reduce the force. Use less effort. Developing greater sensitivity will enhance your brain's ability to perceive small and important differences.



Practice enthusiasm in your daily life. Enthusiasm tells your brain what is important to you, and infuses your life with energy and hopefulness.


flexible goals

Know your goals and embrace the unexpected steps, the mis-steps, and re-routes along the way. These changes are valuable opportunities to help us learn, grow and thrive.


the learning switch

For the brain to do its job well, the learning switch needs to be turned on. Expect that you will learn or do something new every day, even in familiar situations.


imagination & DREAMS

imagine how to live your daily life and dream up as many possibilities as you can. Your dreams can be a guide for your brain to continue growing and developing.



Become aware of what you are doing, sensing, thinking and experiencing at any given moment. Research shows we learn the most when we pay close attention.

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