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The Feldenkrais Method


When you know what you are doing,

you can do

what you want.



The Feldenkrais Method


Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) was a physicist and judo master who created the Feldenkrais Method of movement education based on principles of physics, biomechanics, medicine and an empircal understanding of human development and learning.


He created an innovative system of hundreds of movement lessons, which use movement and awareness of self to bring about changes in the human brain, body and mind. Through effective and pleasurable re-training of the brain and nervous system, dramatic transformations can occur in physical functioning, cognitive and sensory processing, and emotional health.

Research in neuroscience and other fields of medicine have begun to illuminate the ways we learn throughout our lives and the reasons for the effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method. New insights into neuroplasticity, the property of our brain which enables the brain to change and adapt to new information, have advanced our knowledge of the ways in which the brain contributes to natural healing processes.

Feldenkrais' insights have been reaffirmed by the neuroscientist Michael Merzenich, who showed that long-term neuroplastic change occurs most readily when a person...pays close attention while learning.




The Feldenkrais Method is now practiced throughout the world, with applications ranging from rehabilitation and prevention of injury, to helping children with special needs, as well as improving the performance of musicians, actors and professional athletes.


"The Brian's Way of Healing"

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