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Work with Adults

We'll address the underlying causes of your pain and discomfort, not just the symptoms.
Who can benefit?

This work is for anyone who wants to...

◦ live without pain

◦ improve posture and balance

◦ recover from injury or surgery

◦ slow or reverse the aging process

◦ boost your physical or athletic performance

◦ explore an alternative to medication and surgical intervention

Through extensive training and practice of NeuroMovement, I've learned
how to help people overcome chronic pain, stress and injuries  -- problems that have been bothering them for years.
Based on the Feldenkrais Method
®, this hands-on work takes advantage of your body's ability to heal itself, and leads to dramatic improvements in strength,
agility and wellness.


I'll customize your lesson to meet your specific needs. As I skillfully guide your movement and direct your attention, you'll wake up to problematic habits that are the true source of your pain. Instead of masking the symptoms, we'll address the underlying issues so you can move with greater ease, mobility, and strength.

This method works because we never lose our ability to learn and improve. You can benefit at any age.

Better Balance

Pain Relief

Vitality & Anti-aging

Strength & Agility

Help for Children

Improved Posture

Stress Reduction



What is it?

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.


NeuroMovement was created by Anat Baniel, and is based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. It is a non-medical, non-invasive way to get out of pain and naturally restore your abilities to move easily and efficiently.

In a private session or in a group class, I guide you through varied movements and carefully direct your attention so you can become more aware of your habits and patterns.


As you pay close attention to what you feel as you move, your brain interprets these sensations as information and new neural pathways are created. These

new connections provide possibilities for change and improvement. Everyday movements become easier and more pleasurable. You will find ways to reduce and even eliminate pain. You will enhance your performance even in complex activities. You will move with strength and ease --restoring vitality to your life.


I teach adults and children new ways to move by allowing them to experience the connections between different parts of themselves. People are frequently unaware of how their automatic patterns can contribute to their problems. Many of my clients are thrilled when they learn that they have the ability to find solutions to problems that have persisted for years. By taking advantage of our ability to learn at any age, this gentle yet potent method creates new neural connections that improve movement, strength, flexibility and vitality. This NeuroMovement approach helps adults and children move past their current limitations caused by injury, genetic disorders, or pain. more


Learn more about NeuroMovement ®

Learn more about Work with Children

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