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About Anat Baniel Method

The best way to understand how ABM works is to experience it for yourself.

The Anat Baniel Method

The Anat Baniel Method can help adults

  • Speed recovery from injury or surgery

  • Improve posture and balance

  • Enhance physical and cognitive performance

  • Reduce or eliminate chronic neck, hip or back pain


The Anat Baniel Method can help children with special needs

  • Move and breathe more easily

  • Improve cognitive functioning

  • Overcome limitations caused by Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, genetic disorders and undiagnosed developmental delays


The Anat Baniel Method teaches new ways to move by increasing awareness of how the body works. By taking advantage of the brain's plasticity and our ability to learn, this gentle yet potent method creates new neural connections that improve movement, strength, flexibility and vitality. This NeuroMovement approach helps adults and children move past their current limitations caused by injury, genetic disorders, or pain.


As a practitioner guides you through gentle exercises, you become more aware of your movement patterns. When you bring attention to what you feel as you move, your brain receives valuable information and new neural pathways are created. These new connections give us options to change and improve what we do.  Everyday movements become easier and more pleasurable. You will find ways to reduce and even eliminate pain. You will enhance your performance even in complex activities. You will move with strength and ease - restoring vitality to your life. more


Learn more about work with adults

Learn more about work with children

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