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Help for Adults

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Our daily lives can cause stress that we unknowingly carry with us.


Often, we ignore chronic tension until it becomes pain. Learning to release unintentional muscular effort leads to pain relief,

high energy levels

and deep feelings of calm.

How would you feel...

   If you could move without pain?

   If you had more energy?

   If you weren't afraid to fall?

Whether you are 9 or 90, I use gentle, guided movements to help you...

  • Reduce or eliminate chronic back, hip or neck pain

  • Speed recovery after injury or surgery

  • Improve posture and balance

  • Regain strength and flexibility

  • Transform the aging process

People are often unaware of how their automatic patterns can contribute to their problems. My clients are thrilled when they learn that they have the ability to find solutions to problems that may have persisted for years. By taking advantage of our ability to learn at any age, this gentle yet potent method creates new neural connections that improve balance, strength, flexibility and vitality.

NeuroMovement, in the family of The Feldenkrais Method is a safe, yet powerful way to overcome pain, recover from injury, and boost feelings of calm and wellbeing.

How does it work?



Discover how healthy movement leads to greater freedom, vitality and wellbeing.

NeuroMovement® was created by Anat Baniel, and is based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. It is a non-medical, non-invasive way to restore your natural abilities to move easily with minimal effort.

In a private session or in a group class, I guide you through varied movements so you can become more aware of your habits and patterns. Adults and children learn new ways to move as they discover the connections between different parts of themselves.


When you pay attention to what you feel when you move, your brain receives valuable information and new neural pathways are created. These new connections provide possibilities for change and improvement. Everyday movements become easier and more pleasurable. You will find ways to reduce and even eliminate pain. You will enhance your performance even in complex activities. You will move with strength and ease -- restoring vitality to your life.


This NeuroMovement approach helps adults and children move past their current limitations caused by injury, genetic disorders, or pain. more

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