Move Better, Feel Better,

Live Better

Overcome limitations caused by back, neck, shoulder or hip pain. Learn how you can regain ease in your everyday activities through gentle, guided movement lessons.

Discover how to improve functioning and independence for children with special needs.

Certified ABM NeuroMovement   Practitioner

(In the Family of the Feldenkrais Method   )



Gabriella Piccioni

Do you have a child with special needs?

A child's brain is almost always available for learning,

no matter  their condition.


Through this gentle process, they receive the crucial sensory-motor input they need to progress, gain confidence and live with more independence.

Are you living with chronic pain?

Pain can take a toll on your health, drain your energy, and prevent you from doing the things you love to do.

Discover easier, more effiicient movement that leads to significant pain relief, increased energy levels and deep feelings of calm.

Ready to boost your energy, strength & balance?

Reclaim your youthful nature by moving with greater ease. 


We never lose our ability to learn and improve.
No matter your age or condition, you can wake up connections in your brain and enhance posture, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Could you be performing at a higher level?

I help clients of all ages improve physical and athletic performance through mindful movement.

With NeuroMovement, the Feldenkrais Method and my guidance, my clients improve their agility and strength and live with greater ease and freedom.